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Perhaps recording your debut single or album in the surroundings of your home or at your local school, church or community hall sounds somewhat unconventional. But many artists have done just that and achieved results that are on a par with, sometimes better than, studio recorded albums. 


The art of mobile recording is neither new nor uncommon and many great songs have been recorded in less than conventional environments. For example, Deep Purple recorded their album ‘Machine Head’ (1972) which featured their hit song ‘Smoke On The Water’ in a hotel room at the Grand Hotel in Motreux, Switzerland. Elvis Presley recorded tracks for several of his classic 1970’s albums, ‘Raised On Rock’, ‘From Elvis Presley Boulevard’ and ‘Moody Blue’ at his homes in California & Memphis. Tracks featured on Johnny Cash’s highly acclaimed ‘American’ series albums produced by Rick Rubin were recorded at Cash’s home. 


Perhaps the most famous example of mobile recording would be the service owned by the rock band, The Rolling Stones, known as ‘The Rolling Stones Mobile Studio’. Numerous award winning and platinum selling singles, EPs and albums were recorded by the mobile studio throughout the 70s-90s. Including albums by Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, Santana and of course The Rolling Stones. 

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