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Over the past decade we have rolled out our mobile recording studio to numerous Primary, Intermediate and Secondary schools across Auckland. Recordings from these sessions have featured on local radio, TV, social media, won competitions and been released on commercial CD compilations.


Through our service hundreds of students have had the opportunity to experience recording first hand and have their talents and performances captured for them to enjoy and share for years to come.


Our service is suitable for students of all ages and abilities and is ideal for recording:


  • Soloists, Bands, Choirs, Orchestras, Cultural Groups
  • Recitals, Performances, Productions, Concerts
  • Competition Entries, Examination Pieces, Auditions + more


We welcome the opportunity to work with your school. Your students may be future singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, composers, sound engineers, radio DJs or broadcasters. An introduction to studio and sound recording might be just the kick-start they need.

Book our Mobile Recording Studio to visit your Primary, Intermediate or Secondary school and experience the magic of studio recording!


We offer a special 20% educational discount for schools with pricing starting at $80 per hour.


Special introductory package valued at over $1280 for just $699:


  • 1 day of on-site mobile recording

  • 1 day of off-site mixing and mastering

  • Duplication of finished recordings to CD

  • Online hosting of recordings for students, staff and parents to download and share

  • Valid for first-time bookings only

For more information about our service for schools contact us today or check out the frequently asked questions below.




What type of space do you require to record in?

Ideally we need a room that is as quiet as possible. Music rooms, libraries and school halls are usually all suitable. We also ask that there be enough space to fit students being recorded, any instruments and our gear. We are flexible and can accommodate whatever works best for you and the facilities you have available.


What hours are you available?

Our service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our school based service is ideally suited to school hours. We can be flexible with timetabling and work around your day. We find it is usually best to setup before school starts (between 8:30 am and 9:00 am) and record through until shortly before school finishes at 3:00 pm and be packed up and ready to go by 3:30 pm. We like to observe the interval and lunch breaks to give our engineers a break and to ensure no unwanted outside noise creeps into the recordings. We are also available outside of school hours if required. It is best to book us a week or more in advance to ensure we are available on the day you wish to record.


What kind of things do you record?

We have recorded ukulele orchestras, choirs, kapa haka groups, Samoan groups, Indian groups, rock bands, marimba orchestras, soloists, singer songwriters and more. Your performances ideally need to be rehearsed and ready to record on the day we arrive (they don’t need to be perfect though!). You will need to supply all the instruments and backing tracks you require or wish to use. Recording is often very different to performing live so we may suggest a few different things in order to get a good sound.


How long does each song take to record?

A song typically takes between 20-30 minutes to record live, but can take longer if we are recording each track (voice or instrument) separately or recording overdubs (i.e. adding extra tracks after the main recording has been recorded). We usually record several takes of a song live and pick the best one at the end.


Can we use a backing track?

Yes, but you must provide the track and ensure it has no lead vocals on it. We have had a lot of success recording to backing tracks at the schools we have visited. They are great for soloists, vocal groups and choirs! We can source high quality backing tracks if required.


Can we record the entire school?

Yes, though smaller groups usually work best, such as soloists, bands, choirs and cultural groups.


When will we get to hear the finished recordings?

We usually take the recordings away to be mixed and mastered (though we can do this on-site if required). This process is usually completed 1-2 weeks after the recording session has taken place. The recordings are then delievered via a master CD or through online file sharing. We can also host files online for students, teachers, staff and parents to listen to, download and share.


Do the students need a teacher with them at all times?

Ideally yes as this ensures students are on their best behaviour, focused and not wasting time. It will also help ensure we get as much done as possible and that younger students who may have rehearsed with a teacher prior to our arrival have the musical direction they are used to. For older students having a teacher present isn't as critical.


What is the cost of your service?

Our mobile recording studio for schools is discounted to make our services more accessible to students and teachers. We offer a special 20% educational discount on all our recording and video services. More information about educational pricing can be found above.


Is your service just for students?

No, teachers and staff are welcome to record with us too. Our service is open to every one.


Is your service educational?

We like to make the recording process as educational as possible and let students and staff see what goes on behind the scenes and tell them about the equipment we use.

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