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We believe there is a world of talent out there waiting to be recorded. So we decided to tackle this problem with a bit of Kiwi ingenuity...


First, we thought “let’s take the studio to you” and record you in an environment that you are familiar and comfortable with. Often an artist's best work is created in an environment they are at home and relaxed in. With mobile recording we can do exactly that, record you at home and tailor our service to your needs and surroundings. But just because we don't have a physical location, doesn't mean there is a reduction in recording quality. Many great recordings have been captured in unconventional environments. (See History of Mobile Recording)


Second, we thought “let's offer professional quality recording at a competitive price”. A lot of studios out there cost an arm and a leg to hire, forcing artists to watch the clock and rush the creative process. Many even require customers to book half or full-day sessions rather than just the hours they need. So we thought let's offer a quality service at a competitive price with greater flexibility around bookings. (See Pricing)


Whether you want to capture a studio-quality sound or a live performance, our mobile recording studio can operate from just about anywhere.

Perhaps recording your debut single or your next album in the surroundings of your home or at your local school, church or community hall sounds somewhat unconventional. But many clients have done just that and achieved great results. 

We're often asked, "but what about the acoustics?". While it is true that it's difficult to recreate the isolated and flat sound of a conventional studio, we are able to get pretty close with our expertise and selection of equipment. For a studio-like sound, we often suggest a small, quiet room that is carpeted and has curtains. For a more live sound, almost any venue will do.


We offer a range of digital audio, video, design and production services. We specialise in mobile, on location and live audio recording and videography.


Over the past decade we have have recorded, mixed and mastered countless hours of audio. Filmed and photographed events. Created TV ads. Edited films. Promoted artists. Produced concerts. Planned tours. Run live sound and AV. Created websites. Designed album covers. Replicated and duplicated CD and DVDs. Run social media campagins and more. We have an eye for detail and pride ourselves on delivering a quality one-stop-shop at an affordable price.



We charge from $100 per hour, which includes equipment and an engineer. Unlike many conventional studios, we don't typically charge in half-day or full-day sessions, we charge by the hour and bill in 15 minute increments. 

Additional charges may include:

  • Off-site post-production work (mixing, editing, processing and preparing content)

  • Setup/pack down time (setup of microphones, sound checks etc.)

  • Travel (depending on your location)

  • Materials (CDs/DVDs, printing etc.)

  • Session musician hire

  • Venue hire

See our Terms and Conditions here.


During the consultation phase we typically discuss your requirements, our methods and costs. This discussion usually also covers details such as:

  • Time, date, location

  • Number of performers & instruments

  • Number of songs or pieces

  • Details of the recording space

“Over the past decade I have utilized the services of KIWISOUNDS on numerous occasions to record and produce a number of albums. KIWISOUNDS have always ensured a successful outcome on every project I’ve undertaken with them. Their attention to detail has been the single most important factor in assuring success, time and time again. This applies both to their technical expertise and also their design work. I have no hesitation recommending KIWISOUNDS to anyone looking to utilize their services”.​


Larry Allison


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